Your Guide to Food Safety [Infographic]

How do you ensure food safety? How do you make sure you get food that is safe, and how do you keep it safe? From planning and shopping, through cleaning and storing, to preparation and cooking, this health infographic gives visual information to help you stay free from infections, contaminants, allergies. It is all about […]

The Ultimate Guide to Good Posture [Infographic]

A health infographic emphasizing the importance of maintaining a good posture when sitting, standing, running, walking, and lying down. Consequences of bad posture are also addressed. Suggestions and tips are given. Enjoy! Find More at the Greatist Fitness Blog

How To Live Forever [Infographic]

How to live forever? Yes, how to live forever! This science infographic enlightens us with all the visual information with need concerning living long and living strong, and lets us into the scientific world of plans to achieve human immortality! Get health and fitness tips at